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Encouraging Stories from Men about Men

14 April 2010

It takes no more effort than tuning in to the evening news in order to find bad news about men: embezzelment, abuse, theft, corruption, cheating, molestation, lies.  But that isn’t the only word.  Here are a couple other sources to hear about positive things men are doing with their lives.

Tom Matlock founded the Good Men Project, devoted to capturing stories from men about the key decisions they’ve made to become honorable fathers, sons, husbands and friends.   A DVD and a book have each been released, and an introductory video is available online.

Sidney Poitier recently released his third memoir, entitled Life beyond Measure: Letters to My Great-Granddaughter.   Above and beyond his breakthrough roles as a black actor, Poitier testifies to a life of courage and character, and reveals insight about his own father, whose lack of education and opportunity never kept him from passing on remarkable character to his children.