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Kick-butt Self-actualization

4 August 2011

In the long, sweaty tradition of Jazzercise, Tai Bo, and countless other dance/exercise programs, another has been added: piloxing. As a hybrid of pilates, boxing and ballet, it is being marketed as a workout specifically for women. Its sell-line: piloxing turns average women into “tough and agile boxers, gracious [graceful?] ballerinas and hip street dancers.” A snippet from one of the initial DVDs features an exotic dance instructor wearing pink trim and encouraging composure while building ripped abdominals.

In a capitalistic culture promising vicarious experiences for every type of self-fulfilment, piloxing fits in nicely for women. Administrative assistants and saleswomen and homemakers everywhere can be hardened warrior princesses. Now, which exercise routine serves as the equivalent for men?  Where can I sip a martini like James Bond while landing devastating roundhouses?


A Taxonomy of Guys for Christmas Gift-giving

10 December 2008

Leave it to high-octane capitalism to remind us that no, damn it, we men are not all alike. has provided a very clever campaign for choosing gifts for the man you love here.  There’s even a section of archetypes representative of senior men.  Take that, hegemony!