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Open Forum: Is Avatar Pushing Traditional Sex Roles?

15 January 2010

Take one part Star Wars, one part The Matrix, add a dash of the Smurfs – and voila, you have Avatar.  What would sound like an improbable sci-fi blockbuster has become the smash hit of the winter, and rightly so.  The plot line is engaging and the screen effects are unrivalled.  It is certainly worth your $11.00 to see it in the theater. 

The movie’s agenda regarding native cultures and the environment notwithstanding, what do you all think about the way it portrays roles for men and women?  Does the Na’vi tribe strike you as patriarchal or equalitarian?  Does the movie embrace traditional views of gender, or does it suggest something more progressive?


Open Forum: Why Is Jim Halpert the New Male?

13 September 2008

I hereby crown Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) the New Male.   As the superprotagonist of NBC’s “The Office,” Jim is liked by the guys and loved by the women.  A lot.  And I haven’t run into one exception so far.

How?  How did an unassuming, skinny, paper-pushing dude in middle management become the next über-male?  You tell me.