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Arriving at Cures for Man-parts the Hard Way

24 June 2014

Once a year my wife lets me shave a mustache. I use the word “lets” very loosely. She chooses not to change the locks to our house on the one day a year I shave the caterpillar of doom. The truth cannot be denied: it is a nasty feature on my face. Even so, once a year I elect to desecrate myself and risk my marriage.

In the past my mustache day has corresponded with pheasant hunting season. This year I may use up my prickly grace for a good cause: the Mustache Dache in Sioux Falls. On July 12, 2014 hundreds of men, women, and children (some with real facial hair) will race five kilometers in an attempt to raise money for men’s health. According to the web site (, funds go to a battery of ailments facing men: testicular cancer, prostate cancer, mental health, etc.

There’s a certain logic to it all. Who wants to think about the prostate, that funky little piece of flesh controlling the tubes down in the nether-regions? No one. But each time a disturbing mustache flashes into view, people can say to themselves, “As much as I don’t want to consider it, there are man-parts in need of care. Especially in men.”



10 April 2014

During a little adventure in Hot Springs, SD, my fatherly influence was again confirmed.


Just a Little Idea for a Valentine’s Day Man-Gift

14 February 2014



Move over, Chuck Norris…

5 January 2014

In the field of New Testament studies, N.T. Wright is practically omnipresent. Somehow he seemed to take over every relevant theological conversation while baptizing babies and curing poverty and wisecracking on The Colbert Report. Accordingly, Url Scaramanga’s post on the new Chuck Norris cannot not be shared.

Here’s a teaser: “N. T. Wright doesn’t parse nouns. They decline themselves before him.”


Blackboard saviors

26 July 2013

It’s not every day that I read something that inspires me. I’m inspiration-resistant, you might say. But Matthew Pratt Guterl’s argument for funding the humanities at colleges got me with this paragraph:

My saviors weren’t clerics or wardens or coaches. They were teachers. They wore mismatched socks, drank coffee by the gallon, and loved ideas, evidence, and debate. They weren’t generalists but specialists, with hard-earned knowledge about medical science in Scotland, or library readership in the early Republic. I couldn’t tell you anything about their politics, but I could paint you a richly detailed portrait of their presence at the head of the classroom. From what I could see, they lived cheaply, responsibly, and haphazardly, drawing sustenance from the material of their research, which they shared, twice or three times a week, with a group of 35 or so history majors, mouth-breathers all. These strange masters of the blackboard, drove cars just like mine, except that theirs were filled with random slips of paper and wildly strewn books and file folders. They gave extraordinary, dazzling lectures, even though much of the time, I could not understand anything they were saying. They were a live cliché.

For the whole deal, visit Inside Higher Ed.


Lunch Conversation with My Son, 2.15.13

15 February 2013

Halloween Eyeballs
Z: This soup is good for you.
Me: Yes, it is. What other kinds of foods are good for you?
Z: Carrots.
Me: Sure.
Z: Meat.
Me: Yes. And don’t let anyone tell you differently. You’re a man; you need meat.
Z: Salamanders.
Me: Um… haven’t tried them personally, but they do fall into the meat category…


Evolution of Man Time: Jane Austen Drinking Game

28 September 2012

Mostly Water Theatre demonstrates the evolution of man time in recent years.