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Oldest Man in Modern History, Dead at 116

12 June 2013

According to Genesis 5:27, Methuselah lived a whopping 969 years. But that was before the flood and before Guinness Book of World Records. The longest-living male just died today, Wednesday, at the ripe age of 116. Jiroemon Kimura of Kyotango, Japan, used a low-calorie diet and a good set of genes to get him all the way through the 20th century alive.

116 years, however impressive by itself, is a long way from the all-time world record. It was set far out of reach by Jeanne Louise Calment when she died at age 122 in France. That a woman holds the record got me wondering about the longevity of men vs. women over age 100. It turns out there’s a graph for that, compiled by Afrim Alimeti:

Gerontology Research Group,

Gerontology Research Group,


Caber Toss, Sioux Falls Heavy Games

1 June 2013

Check off the manly bucket list: throwing a caber. On one attempt I managed to flip it.

Click Here for a video of the 2013 Sioux Falls Heavy Games Caber Toss

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