Another Shot at Man’s Best Friend

7 July 2012

Our beloved Boston terrier, Lu, died a year and a half ago.  It seems I was more attached than I would like to admit, a fact evidenced by my mopiness and my total unwillingness to get another dog.  The latter symptom didn’t break as easily as the former.

Until yesterday.  My wife and I drove out to New Holland, South Dakota to check out a Boston terrier.  She was impossible to resist: beautiful features, a predominantly white coat (rare among Bostons), and a total snugglebunny.  So yes, here’s me showing off my new pup.  Introducing Epiphany – whom we prefer to call “Phin”:



  1. So sweet!

  2. That last picture . . . wide-mouth, eyes closed . . . literally made me laugh out loud. Adorable. And I was glad to meet her.

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