Will Michele Bachmann Submit to Her Husband?

15 August 2011

Every politician comes to a point where she has to heave herself headlong into the paradox. For conservative evangelicals like Michelle Bachmann, that happened last Thursday night when a Washington Examiner reported asked her if she was submissive to her husband.

Whom, after all, are voters electing into office? Michelle, or her “spiritual head”?

Marcus Bachmann Gay Therapy Marcus Bachmann Gay Therapy

The reporter’s question was booed, but I think that’s a great question to pose to a woman riding the God-and-evangelical-America wave. If only reporters would have the courage to ask left-leaning politicians the equivalent question: “Why should we believe you’ll bow to the peoples’ will, when you do no more than ‘respect’ your spouse, and conceive of God’s will so amorphously?”

The Salon.com feature is well worth reading.


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