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Anonymous Editor Commenting on the Rev. John Wesley (1827)

23 February 2011

His style was nervous, clear, and manly; his preaching was pathetic and persuasive; his Journals are artless and interesting; and his compositions and compilations to promote knowledge and piety, were almost innumerable.


Kansas Centennial, 1961

19 February 2011

It was a time when men were men and women were women, when everything seemed so clear, when everyone knew their place in life. 

But enough about 1961.  1861 was a time far more contested.  Kansas men and Missouri men duked it out over the slavery issue.  Ideals about liberty and propriety weren’t set in stone but up for grabs.  At least men of 1861 could agree on one thing: beards.  This thing Kansas did well to celebrate in their centennial, encouraging men around the state to grow out their man-mane.  After April 20 of 1961 it was illegal to shear one’s face – unless one had purchased a $2 shaving permit button.

For more awesome pictures, see the Lawrence Journal-World.


Doritos, Undesireable Women, and Dude-love

11 February 2011

The Doritos Superbowl commercials were like Aaron Rodgers quarterbacking: some questionable decisions along the way, but dominant overall.  If any theme could be detected, it was a) the superiority of Doritos over all things, and b) the superiority of Doritos-fueled dude-love over relationships with women.  Consider with me the following.

Adam chooses Doritos over Eve and her apple:

A woman is unimpressed with her boyfriend and his Doritos games:

A man requires a girl to be covered in Doritos to fulfill his fantasy:

Indeed, Doritos found a way to shock us with cheese-coated homoeroticism:

Tres homoerotique:

Not without being ironic about it, of course:

But yes, dude-love triumphs once again in the Doritos domain: