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On Male Heroism and Empire

29 October 2010

“Leif [Erickson] and his fellow sailors performed miracles… in the drift ice, in fearsome gales, in fogs like wet sheepskins – but empires have to be built of commoner stuff than miracles.”
– Alfred W. Crosby, Ecological Imperialism and the Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-100, p.56


A Man on the Dark Side of the Moon

28 October 2010

Perhaps the best film you haven’t seen yet: Moon, an eerie independent film featuring Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey.  The movie is practically a one-man act, depicting the disintegration of Sam Bell, a energy industry employee who has been hired to man a lunar station for three years all by himself.  As he stumbles across what appears to be a conspiracy, he discovers fascinating and terrifying things about… well… himself.  Creative and provocative, this sci-fi film will have you pondering for days afterwards about human identity, personal evolution, and the lonely predicament of men.  Now on DVD.


Sioux Falls Wine Club for Men

12 October 2010

Isn’t a wine club for men just an invitation for conspiracy and snobbery?  Not if you live in down-to-earth South Dakota.  I hope to check out one of these events soon so that I can give a report. 

From their newsletter:

Last month’s Fall kick off of the Wine Club for Men was an incredible success. Most of the guys that attended said it’d be hard to match it, but we’ll give it our best! Enjoy a great evening with an incredible selection of wines paired with Laurel’s unique spin on Beef Bourguignon using South Dakota buffalo.

Only $25 plus tax, plus 10% savings that night! Call 605-275-9463 to reserve one of the limited spots.