ManKind Project 25th Anniversary

29 July 2010

Back in 1985 three forward-thinking men designed something called the Wildman Weekend, an attempt to get men to recapture a sense of rooted masculinity for the new world.  Twenty-five years later, The ManKind Project has “initiated” over 30,000 men through the weekend and has vital programs for men operating throughout the world.  As the only lasting expression of the mythopoetic men’s movement, it has special importance as an indicator of what is working for men in the 21st century. 

MKP is celebrating its anniversary with a three day conference in Louisville, KY, October 21-23.  I’ll be presenting, as will a number of other men and women.  Get the details at http://anniversary.mkp.org/



  1. I, for one, find the essence of masculinity to be the rejection of the belief in an imaginary sky fairy and the wisdom of 2000 year old shepherds, and instead try to improve the real world we actually exist in.

    Standing on one’s two feet and accepting the reality of the universe, rather than humiliating oneself by falling onto one’s knees and indulging in fantasies that should have been left behind in childhood, is the opposite of “manliness.”

  2. Thomas, your concern that men are using fraternal organizations to flee adult responsibilities is not unfounded. But you seem to be assuming that mature adults need only linear, rational thought to improve the world. Even if this assumption can be granted, would you be willing to concede that many people could benefit from ancient wisdom in order to grow up in the first place?

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