A Taxonomy of Guys for Christmas Gift-giving

10 December 2008

Leave it to high-octane capitalism to remind us that no, damn it, we men are not all alike. 

Gifts.com has provided a very clever campaign for choosing gifts for the man you love here.  There’s even a section of archetypes representative of senior men.  Take that, hegemony!



  1. Here she comes now crying hege-mony
    (Hey hey what get l-…um, never mind!)
    Spending all my hege-mony mony
    Put me in a box and I feel all right now
    Come on and shop for the Metro Man
    Or the Hipster dude or Achiever guy
    I said yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…

    Seriously though…if you want to see an even more laughable set of stereotypes, check out Best Buy’s internal customer profiling document. Talk about insulting one’s intelligence!

  2. Nice web find!

    The Best Buy profiler is far more insulting, but (and in this sense not so laughable) could be more accurate, because it dares to categorize people by class. Figuring out how much money one pulls in, crossed with the age variable, tends to be a good indicator of one’s values, far more than geographical location or even sex. But I’m not sure how a Best Buy employee is supposed to determine a person’s class in the first place…

    Speaking of, my wife used the Gifts.com gift-finder to classify me. Determined by her answers, I’m the “country club” male. (*ring ring* “Um, stereotyping department, we have an eensie-weensie problem with the web site’s calculus…”)

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