Open Forum: Why Is Jim Halpert the New Male?

13 September 2008

I hereby crown Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) the New Male.   As the superprotagonist of NBC’s “The Office,” Jim is liked by the guys and loved by the women.  A lot.  And I haven’t run into one exception so far.

How?  How did an unassuming, skinny, paper-pushing dude in middle management become the next über-male?  You tell me. 




  1. Women know that in the long run, a hard-working, unassuming, kind, sweet man is who she truly wants and needs. Jim/John is that type of man. 🙂

  2. i’ve always been drawn to guys who are a little bit dweeby, not entirely, because they need to be good with the ladies. but ones that are smart and have that cute thing going on, like jim.

  3. I think a sense of humor indicates a sense of humility. A guy with a good sense of humor (jokes and demeanor that are funny but not mean-spirited) is attractive because you can immediately sense he’s not arrogant and that he enjoys other people and that he’s confident in himself, at least socially. Also, Jim is good looking, but not so stunningly handsome as to be intimidating. I wouldn’t necessarily call Jim “hard-working” though. He’s got enough ability and charisma that he can slide by on talent most of the time, which is what he’s done right up until the very end (second to last episode) of the 4th season. He also doesn’t seem to have any real goals or ambition, which is usually not terribly attractive. Hold on, maybe I’m talking myself out of liking Jim quite so much! And, honestly, maybe a big part of Jim’s charm is just that he looks so good compared to all the other guys in the office. He is very endearing, though.

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